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Sara - The Parlour Highlands

Sara began at The Parlour Highlands in 2012 by going through our Advanced Education. Since graduating from the year-long program, Sara has already promoted once and has become a vibrant part of the team. She has joined our Wedding Team and lends her skills to making brides and bridal parties look beautiful. She is also aspiring to start becoming more involved with education at The Parlour so that she can share what has been taught to her with others.

“I love doing hair at the Parlour because it doesn’t feel like a job. I get to be creative and productive every day. Doing hair allows me to enhance people’s natural beauty by using my skills and that is what I love about it.” 

One thing that really stood out about Sara in her interview was that she spoke about using her craft to make people feel better about themselves, especially women who have been involved in sex trafficking and exploitation across the world. The Parlour strives to create an environment where our team can be their best selves. Sara’s selflessness and caring heart were the perfect fit.

The ParlOUR Way:

This fall, Sara is spending some time in France using her heart and skills to connect with women who have been broken by sex trafficking. “There is a girl named Joy that is trapped in France right now. She was trafficked at the age 16 from Nigeria. Her original goal in life was to be a hairdresser. Her traffickers set her debt at €60,000. She has managed to work it down to €20,000. If she leaves, they promise to hurt her family in Nigeria. Her dream was stolen from her. I am going to cut her hair, as well as other girls like her while in France. Eventually, we hope help them out for good – provide a place for healing and restore that dream of being a hairdresser.”

Sara is an inspiration to our team and we are so lucky to be able to share our days with her. To check out her work, follow her on Instagram @__saracolley__.To learn more about Sara, check out her profile, or you can schedule an appointment with her by calling The Parlour Highlands at 303.433.4448.

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