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The Parlour West Washington Park


Hometown: Waco, TX

When I started doing hair: 2015

When I started at The Parlour: 2016

What inspires/motivates me in the industry:

I am constantly inspired by the future and how it looks to the past to gather inspiration or reinterpretation. I am also inspired by my amazing coworkers that see the world through a beautiful, ever-changing lense.

What I am happiest doing:

I am happiest being at home, watching movies with my boyfriend and dog. I enjoy the occasional weekend trip to the Brass Armadillo for antiques/diamonds in the rough. And I am always down for eating lots and lots of good food.

What I love most about The Parlour:

I love everything about The Parlour, to put it honestly. Every day I walk into work knowing that we all share an intense passion for the fashion and art we create. I love every connection I’ve made in my time at the Parlour, whether it be in passing or a long appointment. It’s easy to spend all of my time at work because it doesn’t feel like work most of the time; I’m in my happy place (and it also helps that’s there’s endless coffee for me to drink).

What else you should know about me:

I am passionate about making people feel the most like themselves. And even if it’s just a quick hello, I’d love to meet you!

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