About Me

Hometown: Denver, Colorado

When I started doing hair: 1997

When I started at The Parlour: 1997

What inspires/motivates me in the industry:

Traveling. When I travel, one of my favorite things to do is just observe what the youth culture is doing. They set the trends so I look to them to keep my finger on the pulse. I love to take their extreme ideas and interpret and reimagine them for my clients.

Doing photo shoots and fashion shows. My passion is doing real hair for real people, but getting to do avant garde occasionally keeps my creative juices flowing.

Reading fashion magazines and blogs. I can (and do) sit up all night studying pictures and thinking about which client is going to be best for my new “favorite look”.

Following my favorite designers online. This season I’m particularly in to Calvin Klein’s classic simplicity, the polished femininity at Chloé, and Rachel Zoe’s always “cool girl” vibe.

Continuing my education. I feel like I am never done with getting better. Attending eduction is extremely important to me and I do it every chance I get. This sets me apart from the throngs of hairdressers that never go to another class after they finish cosmetology school.

Being an educator. I teach because it make me better at what I do. Teaching for UNITE provides me the opportunity to travel the world and meet my peers and just share the cool stuff we’re all working on. Teaching the newer staff at The Parlour lets me pass on the knowledge of the craft that has been taught to me. This needs to be paid forward to keep our industry professional and to keep our salon at the top of it’s game. Always breaking down what I am doing and explaining it to someone else really hones my skill and keeps me honest.

What I am happiest doing:

It sounds cliché, but what makes me happiest is hanging out with my family and friends. My husband and I both grew up in Colorado and consider ourselves lucky to still be surrounded by our large families and old friends. We spend our weekends sitting on the back porch enjoying each others company.

A day of snowboarding followed by a dip in the hot springs is my idea of a dreamy day. Add friends, family, and good food and that day is perfection!

When I need some quiet time, I love to knit. My need for instant gratification keeps my work to baby clothes and socks. Anything larger and I lose interest.

Additional industry involvement:

International Platform Artist-MOP (Modern Organic Products) 200?-2010??? (let me double check these dates)

Senior Art Director – UNITE Eurotherapy 2011 to present

Team Lead and team member – Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

In-House Parlour Educator – 16+ years, most currently teaching the women’s cutting curriculum which I helped to write and am most passionate about. I have also taught every facet of our industry including men’s cutting, color, and human relations…

Design team member – To get the chance to create something innovative and fresh keeps me inspired and motivated.

What I love most about The Parlour:

I lucked-in to finding hairdressing as my career, but I work hard every day to ensure that my future with The Parlour is secure. I do this because I love how The Parlour feels like home. I love how my co-workers feel like family. I love how I always feel happy when I am at The Parlour. You can’t find this everywhere…I am so fortunate to have discovered a career that I am passionate about and get to practice it at a place I adore with people I admire, respect and enjoy!

What you should know about me:

I am passionate about creating healthy, beautiful hair that truly works for each individual. I have an eye for understanding face shape and proportion and how to treat the hair to achieve the best possible result based on those assessments. I believe that a hair cut is only as good as my client can make it look at home, so I focus on making sure my client knows how to duplicate what I have done for them behind the chair. I like to really listen to my client’s input and opinion, share my ideas with them and come up with the perfect collaboration for cut and color.

I look up to Stacey. She’s raising a beautiful family, owns and runs our Wash Park location, she does triathlons, snowboards, wind surfs, etc. I’m not sure what she can’t do?  Most importantly she has the courage to get the tricky parts of life right. I believe in Stacey!

Gene Cahill – The Parlour Owner