About Me

Hometown: Las Cruces, NM

When I started doing hair: 2016

When I started at The Parlour: 2021

What inspires/motivates me in the industry:

I love getting to be a part of helping people feel like their best selves. I’ve always been inspired by fashion and using your creativity to create something tailored to a specific person. I love looking for new exciting perspectives.

What I am happiest doing:

I am happiest when I have a good balance of human connection and restful solitude, two of my favorite things are going out dancing with my wonderful partner and curling up with my two kitties and a good book.

Additional industry experience:

I have taken a strong liking to razor cutting and have taken classes to secure my knowledge in that department.

What I love most about The Parlour:

I love the sense of community here at the Parlour, since the first time I walked in I was welcomed with warmth and kindness. They are committed to growth and there is a strong sense of support for one another on a day to day basis.