About Me

Hometown: Boulder, CO

What inspires/motivates me in the industry:

I am inspired by all the different walks of life we get to see every day in and out of the salon. Each individual head of hair is so unique in its own way, the creativity, possibilities, and opportunities are endless. How fun, right?! It brings me joy to be doing something where I have the opportunity to put a smile on someones face and help them feel a little more confident, happy and radiant.

What I am happiest doing:

Whether it be dancing at a concert, a lazy Sunday watching Netflix, or out for happy hour, I am happiest when I am spending my time with my people!

What brought you to The Parlour?

The Parlour Education program is top of the line and I am so lucky to be learning from some of the top stylists in the game. Each and every day spent at the salon I am gaining valuable knowledge that is setting me up for a successful career. The Parlour team is incredible and I feel so lucky to be a part of it.