About Me

Hometown: Riverside, CA

When I started doing hair: 2019

When I started at The Parlour: 2019

What inspires/motivates me in the industry:

I love being able to help people reach their hair goals!!

What I am happiest doing:

I love to eat! I love finding new restaurants and food trucks! I also love spending time with my cats 🐈‍⬛

What I love most about The Parlour:

The Parlour allows me to be in a learning environment. Hair trends and techniques are constantly changing so we have to always be willing to learn and evolve! Be the best we can be!

What else you should know about me:

I love being able to have in depth convos with my clients to really break down what their service will look like. I try to make my services as customizable as possible so that they are exactly what my clients are looking for! I love CURLY HAIR and BALAYAGE!