About Me

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois / Boulder, Colorado

When I started doing hair: 1981

When I started at The Parlour: 1989

What inspires/motivates me in the industry:

The fact that this industry has so many facets, each one continually evolving, with so many avenues to peruse ,I have been honored to be part of many of them. I get my inspirations to conceive hair ideas from many different outlets – from what’s happening on the runways, to nature, music and the streets. I have then been able to utilize these creations, teaching audiences on numerous continents the latest trends, as well as building collections for product companies. I have worked back stage of fashion week in NY and LA. I have also been instrumental on multiple photo shoots. I’ve been published in many trade magazines and honored with awards. Each of these endeavors has helped me stay on top of my game. As glamorous as it all sounds, nothing is as rewarding as working behind the chair and transforming a client to exude their true personality.

What I am happiest doing:

Even though you could find me on a Saturday night working on a mannequin in my living room for it is my passion, I love being outdoors, running, hiking, being around water, gardening. I enjoy lifting weights, working out, traveling, live music and movies. I’m a “foodie”, I love to cook it and eat it, drink wine and laugh with friends. My favorite country is Italy, my plan is to live there when I retire; and for my clients who say I can’t retire, you’ll have to move with me!

Additional industry involvement:

I have bee instrumental in creating the Parlour’s education system. I teach women’s cutting, perming, relaxing, advanced cutting, advanced color, long hairdressing, as well as motivational and goal setting classes. I am on the design team, wedding team and part of our core leadership for all of The Parlour salons. I became a partner in the Wash Park salon in 2010.

What I love most about The Parlour:

The saying goes “Luck is when preparation and opportunity meet.” When I found The Parlour, I was the third person hired. I say I am lucky to be part of such an amazing organization! I am blessed to help shape and mold our young talent. I’m honored to inspire, guide and motivate every single employee The Parlour brings on board. For this, I am grateful, for we are very unique in our approach to giving our staff life skills not just technical skills. I love The Parlour. It is legitimately my extended family!

What you should know about me:

The one thing most people don’t know about me is I was a rodeo queen in high school and I wanted to be a home economics teacher, but instead I went to college for journalism and dropped out to go to beauty school. The rest is history!

To us, she’s just Julie. To our industry she’s a Mega Star. Julie’s soul is rooted deep in everything we do, including her determination for her and us to be the greatest Salon in the world.

Gene Cahill – The Parlour Owner