About Me

Hometown: Denver, CO

When I started doing hair: 2013

When I started at The Parlour: 2015

What inspires/motivates me in the industry:

What inspires me is the ability to make my clients feel like the most beautiful versions of themselves.

What I am happiest doing:

I am happiest when I am around people. The world is full of different personalities, why not learn something from all of them? When I’m not doing hair, you can usually find me reading, cooking, in the mountains, skiing, hiking, camping or at the gym. I love to live an active life.

What I love most about The Parlour:

What I love most about The Parlour is the opportunity to grow within the company and yourself. With the trends changing constantly, The Parlour keeps up with best education to learn all the hottest styles.

Katie lights up the the salon with her bright energy and her brilliant approach to life! With warm attention she makes everyone comfortable and beautiful.

Phil Lombardo – The Parlour Highlands Partner